Chris Blaha

Software Engineer.

About Me

My Projects

  • Crashed Ship UE project
  • Github Repo
  • This is an Unreal engine VR project done collaboratively with another student named Max Levine in my VR class. I designed the ship with an asset pack I found on the UE marketplace and provided most of the sound effects and background music while on the ship with my own instruments on Protools.

    This mini-game starts out on a cargo ship that is in need of repairs. You match the different colored gears to fix the ship and it goes into hyper-drive. The ship crashes anyways on a planet where you exit and find a bunker.

  • UE VR project
  • Github Repo
  • This is another VR project done with me and Max. this one starts with the character wantering around an empty city. After a bit, the character is transported to an empty rooms style maze that you need to escape. The enemies follow an a* path to random points on the maze. This allows them to wander about the maze.

    I took care of the city building and landscape. I used multiple modular asset packs for the buildings, houses and the outdoor stage. I also used an ambient city sounds asset pack for background noise around the map.

  • The Tax Raven

Contact Me

Bellingham, MA

Phone: (203) 415-6873

Email: crispspiceguitar@gmail.com